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Wheel Alignment by Performance Tyre and Auto Care

3D Computer Wheel Alignment

  • Free Check
  • Saving you Money
  • Save on Fuel
  • Save on Tyres
  • High Accuracy

Our four wheel alignment system will measure each tyre individually and then display current readings on screen. This will then allow us to make adjustments via manufacturers specifications.

Benefiting you with reduced tyre wear, better fuel mileage, improved car handling and improved driver safety.

We will also provide you with a paper copy of our findings ‘before and after’.

What’s the difference between a Tracking and Four Wheel Alignment?

Tracking was born of a bygone era, when cars had very little or no adjustment. Any measurement and adjustment tended to be on the front wheels for the ‘toe’ angle only. Tracking on the fronts (sometimes called a two wheel alignment) does not take into account the direction in which the rear wheels are pointing.

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